Friday, May 15, 2015


So I know it has been a while, like a while, while. I needed a break, and even though I thought I would take a month off I guess I really meant 5!!!  But don't worry, I sure have been creating!  Just maybe a little different then before.
Almost 9 years ago, I decided to buy a Stampin' Up! starter kit....just to make a scrapbook for my soon to arrive daughter and well I fell in love.  I have always had an artistic side(I went to art school, do interior design for a living and I am yet to find something creative I don't like)  and for 7 years, although I have done other creative things, Stamping' Up! fulfilled that side of me.  I had won Artisan Award through them two years in a row and was able to be apart of the first Artisan Design team.  I got SO MUCH STUFF and did so many projects, and then I hit a wall.  I BIG FAT WALL. And well I sat in front of that wall until about a month ago when I realized I wasn't burt out on creating, I was burnt out on creating in a box (of cards lol)  I needed a change, and with much thought and discovery, I have decided to venture out.    I am not quitting Stampin' Up!   just not focusing on it the same way I was.  I will still have my monthly club ( email me if you would like to take part in it, I am taking sign ups now) and will have cards classes through out the year.  I am hoping (planning) on this allowing me to love stamping again and return me to when I did it because I love it.  
Enters my new blog....
Please join me on this journey where I will be making much more then stamped cards and creating who I am.  I still plan to post on here when I have had a stamp event, which will be one or two times a month.  And I will send you guys sneaks of what I am doing in my creative space(hence the overwhelming picture above)  I have big plans for my studio, and hope over the next year it will transform into a space that helps me create.  
So before I go, check out my new blog, the latest post and subscribe.  

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I will be share creativity soon!