Monday, December 8, 2014

Creative Blog Hop

  I am so excited to be part of this weeks blog hop! Thank you so much Amy Bollman for nominating me. I have been out of the stamping loop for a bit lately.  Busy working and taking care of the kiddos, but I have been creating a few things out of the box for me they are much more sweet and simple then I usually do.  Here a few of the projects I have been working on for the holidays...

 I love everything chalkboard, always have.  So when Stampin' Up! came up with this adorable chalkboard banner a bought a bunch.  I love the simplicity of this banner and the pop of color these pom-pons add!  

Who doesn't love mason jars, I swear I have a slight problem when it comes to "collecting" jars.  I found this adorable vintage style firetruck and had to make up a cute little jar.

To add to my simple decor this year I decided to sick with the rustic feel.  I stenciled a few of these cute plaques and made up this star to sit on my buffet.  

As part of the blog hop I need to answer a few questions!
1.  What are you working on? 
This time of year I tend to slow down on the creating.  I usually get so busy with work around thanksgiving time that I am burnt out in december.  So I take some time to hang out with my family.  I do however have a Christmas party for my downline and club members on Friday.  So currently I am working on a few things for them to make there.

2.  How does your work differ from others in your genre?
I feel I have a wide range in my style.  And it definalty changes and grows with the ways styles change.  I love trends and since I work in the design world, they tend to flow into my crafts as well.  I don't know if I would say my style is different, as much as I would say it is eclectic.

3.  Why do you create what you do?
There are a few reasons I create.  First one is for me, I love it, it makes me happy and keeps me long as I have time to do it. The other reason is to share with others.  I enjoy so much when people who think they aren't creative come to a class and realize they are.

4.  How does your creative process work?
It's a bit messy...literally.  I have to have a clean spot to start, so I usually end up cleaning up my entire craft room first.  I get distracted easily, so having a messy space doesn't work for me.  I turn on TV and shut the door!  By the end of my project you would think a tornado or two had come through here!  
I am going to nominate:
This is my mom, she is a loving and caring and amazing mother and grandmother.  She is also very creative!  Although our styles are very different, she is a clean and simple girl.  Can't wait to see what she post on the 15th!