Sunday, December 9, 2012

Artisan Design Team December 2012 Project 3

Here is my third post of the month with the fun goodies we got from Stampin' Up! this month.  I LOVE this pack of fabric!!!  And I love the way that all the colors work together, so I decided to make a headband out of it.  
What do you think?  (I know the cute model helps:)

 Here is a close up of all the flowers.

And here is Makai again...being a monster!  I took a few pictures but most had her tongue out or monster faces:)  O'well!  See you again tomorrow!!


Maureen said...

Cute headband -- really cute model!

Cindy Beach said...

Heidi, Loved your projects this month but the headband is over the top adorable!
SO is the sweet model. Great job!

Christel said...

I love that kid! The headband is not too bad either.