Thursday, November 3, 2011

Class Treats

So I had to make favors for the girls classes:) I came up with this little pouch for Kamili's grade. I stamped colored and cut 22 of these little witches for her friends... Then stuffed them with goodies!I colored the witched tights grey with green to match the caramel apple sugar babies I put it the candy cello sticks!

For Makai's class I did something very similar. I had a pack of 15 black bags, so since I only had to make 12 of these ones I made may like a little easier and just decorated them! I had put candy corn M&M's in her classes candy cello sticks, I colored the tights on these witches orange and yellow. Sorry I only showed a few in this picture, but at least you get the idea:)

I promise Halloween is almost over....:) Two more post then on to November!

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Christel said...

The witch's boogers look great!