Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Convention shoe box swap

Each year at convention, the group of us that go together participate in a shoe box swap. This years was quite eventful!!! We were all stampin in the downstairs atrium in the center of the hotel we were staying at, pretty late at night. All of the sudden we heard a child crying. I swear the 6 of us went into instant mom mode. The poor little boy was on the 7th floor, running around screaming and crying. He had apparently opened the door half asleep and locked himself out. His parents didn't know since the rooms are all suites he was in a different room then them. Finally after calming him down we were able to get his parents names out of him and security called and knocked on the door! Let me tell you that woke us all up!!! So then after the adrenaline calmed down, we were able to continue to stamp! So here is my card. I know it is a bit funky, but I liked it! Thanks for coming by!

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