Friday, October 29, 2010


Who doesn't love Disneyland?(ok besides my husband) Put aside the long lines, crazy expensive food and war of main street when the fireworks are on, and well, it's the happiest place on earth:) So I took the kids with my mom and sister and her kids last week. It was a blast! I love Disneyland's decorations for Halloween(go figure, right?) So cute...Check out the Haunted Mansion. And the entrance. I can't get past all the great details they add! Wouldn't that be fun to work there and design all that stuff!
Here are the kiddos posing on the "L" in front of California Disney
And my mom taking Kai on the bumper cars in the Bugs World and Cal. DisneyI can't exactly tell you what this is these kids are so crazy:)Jenee with Mara
And my little Zav-Zav...I just want to eat him up!

It was a great day. Me and the girls are going back in a few weeks for a friends birthday. They can't wait!

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