Friday, July 23, 2010


So do you ever have those GREAT plans to get tons of stuff done...and then well life happens and you get 14 of the 3,326 things on your list done? Welcome to my life:)
I had this great plan. I would of course get my work done, house cleaned, laundry done and TONS of swaps finished before convention. Well my works was done, house..well its not so bad, laundry is waiting for me when I get back and I got 17 swaps done:)LOL So here he is! My little owl post-it holder. SImple but cute:)
Here are the rest of them...and what the inside looked like. The ribbon holds the pencil in and the pencil is wrapped with dsp. The outside was created with the new play date file folders. I had fun making them, but boy that was a lot of punching!


Texas JennyWren said...

cute little owls. I am enjoying this punch as well. Thanks for sharing

Noblekatt said...

so cute! I want to make some! going to go look for a tutorial, thanks for sharing!