Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Not Quite Artisan Worthy-Day 1

Ok...so with much sadness I am posting my not quite artisan award worthy projects. Well at least I hope they were only not quite, and not-"not even close to artisan award worthy" We will go with the first of the two! It makes me feel better! So for the next ten days you will get a glimpse of what I think was some of my better work.

Here is one of the three scrapbook pages I did. As you can see in the pictures I had JUST had a baby when the project were due(not blaming him or anything...just saying) So here is the page I made of my cutie pie!
The most frustrating thing about this page to me was that the whales aren't straight!!!!I cut the paper straight, but the printing is at a angle. Had I had extra time, I would have done a re-do. But time was-a-tickin'

Here is a close up showing how I double cut his name with my big shot dies.

Hope you like it. Stop by tomorrow for more!

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