Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Birthday Party Invites!

Ok so I have been a bit MIA.  With Kamili's Party, school starting and well LIFE I haven't hardly had time to sit down, let alone Blog!  Sorry:)  I have some making up to do!!  So a week and a half ago we threw Kamili a party for her 8th Birthday.  She is such my girly girl, so we went with a make over "spa" theme!  SO MUCH FUN!  Be sure to come back tomorrow to see some cute pictures from that day!
So Kamili(as always) is very opinionated when it comes to creative stuff...drives the control freak in me BONKERS!  But I did consult with her and here is what "we" came up with for the invitations...
A little make-up compact!
 With a "mirror" and details inside
 Thanks for stopping by!  Be sure to come by tomorrow for more party details...and check out my new kit subscription ...

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