Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

I know this isn't everyone favorite holiday...but I love it.  to be completely honest there are very few(I can't think of one) holidays that I can decorate or be crafty with that I don't love:)  This year I decided early on how we were going to make the kids valentines for class.  I had it all planned out, bought the candy(had the paper) Then Tuesday night came...
I knew I had to make Zavain's that night because he had no class Friday and he only attends school MWF.  That was fine, it was 15 and I could do it in no time flat. Until I read the girls class list that I had received two weeks prior.  In very bold letters it said BE SURE TO HAVE THESE TO CLASS NO LATER THEN WEDNESDAY!!!!  Ok 15 compare to 62 is a HUGE difference!!!  So I put them to work.(and simplified a little)But they were done on time!  Here is how they turned out...

These cupid hearts were what the girls did.  I got these cute pink and red sour twist and put them in the 1" cello bags stampin up! sells.  then added the triangle punch and the fringe scissors made the end.  The other side had a the to/from information on it.

And these were what Zavian gave out.  The bags are filled with Gummy Army men which were some of the cutest candy ever!  Simple tag with some camouflage ribbon!

 And here they all are.  Proof there was 62!!

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Judy Sander said...

You are definately THE SUPER MOM! All so cute and no mental breakdown!