Tuesday, January 21, 2014


So I am sure when I write this post people may think I am a little crazy, but o'well, I guess it was only a matter of time. :)
So I am not a big "die" fan.  And when I say that , I mean I own probably everyone out of the catty, but I don't really like them:) I love to cut, seriously LOVE to cut.  But I realize that I am not the norm.  To me it is easier(or more enjoyable?) to hand cut everything I do...Taking it over to my big shot, pulling out the die, running it through just seems like so much work!  See I told you I may sound crazy:)
So recently I broke down and bought the pop up card base and deco insert to make pop-up cards that didn't have to be hand made.  So I was all excited about the "lack of" cutting I had to do in the prep and the fancy details that I would never be able to do by hand for a class.  So I ran the first one through that was just the base, then ran the "pop-up" layer though.  I put them together, turned to my mom and said, well that was a waste of $60.00.  I hated it.  But since I only had 2 hours before 10 people would be at my house I had to work with it. So I did...
And guess what, they loved it!  Seriously loved it, like bought the dies and everything loved it:)  I am not really sure the point of my story, except maybe that I was wrong:)  But the card has grown on me some, I no longer hate it or feel it belongs in the trash, I also still have my dies and will continue to use them.  I have to say on this card, I am pretty sure I didn't fallow the direction on putting the base and the pop-up piece together correctly.  But I didn't like the way they fit going the same direction(with the  scalloped edges together.  So I flipped them, to make my card more squared off.  They fit perfect together and you don't even need adhesive to make them stay!  
 So I hope you enjoyed my rambling today!  See you tomorrow :)

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