Friday, March 1, 2013

Mermaid Party

So my little niece Zamarah turned 3 and had her party this last weekend.  She is a bittle obsessed with mermaids and so that was the theme of her party.  And well since I have issues with themes and feel the need to make my gift wrap/card match it I was in a bit of trouble considering that I own NO mermaid sets.  I don't really even have sea sets for the most part.  So I knew I had to make it....

 and here are the results.  The head and body were punched out of card stock, but the rest was all hand cut from card stock.  Added a few bubble pearls and seaweed.  She actually seemed to love it, which I will take considering she is three and had gifts to enjoy. Below is the finish wrapping.  I added some tulle because it seemed a bit like fish net and was perfect in color!
Hope you like it!  Thanks for stopping by!