Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hubby's Birthday

Last week we celebrated my birthday and two days later it's my husbands birthday.  It's nice because we get to celebrate together, but kinda a bummer because it ends my celebration in two days:(  O'well, I guess I am getting old enough that it really doesn't matter!
  So on Aaron's birthday we had a great date night.  We went out for appetizers, went to a movie and ended with dinner.  It was nice to spend time with just him and not hear mommy and daddy twenty times during a conversation.(although it is funny how much we still talked about the kids!)
So on to the card, right?  Here is the manly card I made for him.  I try to not over do it because although he is very sweet about me giving him hand made cards, I know he doesn't love bows and flowers!  Anyways it's simple but I was happy with it!  
Thanks for stopping in!  Tomorrow is Artisan Wednesday WOW blog hop!!!

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