Thursday, December 6, 2012

Artisan Design Team December 2012 Project 1

Hey Everyone!  So sorry for the laps in posting. It has been crazy around the king house.  And making leadership board samples on top of everything else, unfortunately put my blogging on the back seat.  But I hope to be a little better this month...Key word is HOPE.  With Christmas and everything this time of year I will do my best:)
Ok enough of that...on to stamping!
 Here is my first Artisan Design Team Project of the month.  We got an amazing box of goodies this round(well every round) The only problem was that the two sets they sent us were both Alphabet sets.  And for some reason, I never use alphabet sets.  So I took that as a challenge:)  And used both of the sets on my cards.  Hope you like it!
Thanks for stopping in and be sure to check back tomorrow for the Facebook Artisan Blog Hop!

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Zeeshan Hanzillah said...

Captivating design that inspires viewers a lot....can you share designs for plastic business cards with us....