Saturday, July 7, 2012

A gift for my mom

So every year I give my mom a shadow box page of my kiddos for Mother's Day.  This year I was a little late(well I was late last year to, but that is besides the point)  Anyways with the artisan entry and convention board samples I had a lot of creating to do, so I think she understood!  Here is what I came up with for her card...
I know it is similar to my club card, but since she told me she didn't like this set (papaya collage) I took it as a challenge to make her like it.  So I did the shadow box page with it as well!

Here it is...I know you can't see all the dimension in this picture, but it took an entire sheet of dimensional:)  Thanks for stopping in!


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Lisa Putnam said...

This is gorgeous Heidi! (I bet you won her over on this set!) Congratulations again on making the Top 20 this year!!