Friday, July 20, 2012

Convention Swaps

I am not much of a swapper...but you would never know that by the amount I am making this year for convention.  I had signed up for an organized swap a little while back, and then a few more fell into place, so I ended up being a part of 3 organized swaps, a roommate gift swap, and a shoe box swap...o'well that is what convention is for, right:)  
 Here is my swap with storybook friends.  This is one of my favorite combos of color.  and I love this little kitten!  I know it doesn't look that fancy, but it has a lot of steps!  Thanks for stopping in!

1 comment:

Titelaine said...

wonderful and so cute....if only I could cross you during a convention.....perhaps, one day, we'll have an international convention!