Sunday, September 25, 2011

Teddy Bear Picnic

So last week Makai's school hosted a Teddy Bear Picnic for all the kids! It is a fun day for the students. They get to have a snack outside with there teddy bears and do teddy bear related stuff. I though it might be cute to make a treat for the kids... I know they are a bit hard to see so here is a closer look at just the treat. I took the extra large marshmallows and dipped them in chocolate. added small chocolate chip cookies for ears and added a face with frosting, put it in a baggy and tied it off with a teddy bear tag!
Here is the whole crew of them I made. We put them in a picnic basket and Makai handed them out!

Thanks for stopping by!


Maureen said...

These are so adorable - nice job! I'll bet the kids loved them!

Connie Collins said...

OMG these are too cute! I bet the kids went nuts when they got these.