Friday, June 3, 2011

Life....Big news, and project and our newest family member!

So SURPRISE SURPRISE...I have been busy. I swear I have the best intentions, but some how my little ones seem to keep trumping blogging!?! Anyways I have A LOT to share, so I figured I better get started!

Well Two weeks ago last Thursday I received a VERY EXCITING phone call from Stampin' Up! I was selected to be one of the 2011 Artisan Award winners!!! For those of you who are not demos, it is Stampin' Up!'s big "ART" contest that judges 10 items you enter(2: 3-d, 3 scrap book pages, and 5 cards) It is a huge honor and I am pretty excited. As some that know me well, seem to wonder a little about my excitement level since it has taken me over two weeks to post it, but really that shows how crazy work has been:) So as I find out more details and can share more, I will!

On to stampin'....

Today was the last day of Kamili's Preschool and so I decided to make a little smores kit for each of the kiddos to kick off the summer! Here is a few of the girls ones I did, you can see the boys ones below in the basket. The kids seemed to really like them. Hope you do to!So to add to my craziness, we decided to bring a new addition to the family!
Meet little miss Feather! Isn't she a cutie! We have been enjoying our newest addition. The kids hang out with her till they go to sleep and ask for her the minute they get up! She is a little lover! Purring like a motor!


Christel said...

woo-hoo, it's about time you came out!


Julie Wiliams said...

I think you winning Artisan is the most FABULOUS thing EVER!

You totally deserve it. I can't wait to see your display board at the convention.

Its like winning the stampin up Oscar!

YEA!!! for you!!!!

Shari Winterstein said...

Congratulations from one of you Mom's followers! By the way, your children are all going to moving in with me very soon as I have stolen them repeatedly. We live in Southern California and you can come and visit any time you want! :))))) Just kidding . . . . . I think! You have the most wonderful family. I am an avid follower of your Mom's and love her as a friend from afar! Of course you are just up the coast. Hmmmmm!!!!! :)))) Thanks for blessing my day and I look forward to seeing your works of heart AND seeing you in STAMPIN' SUCCESS!!!!! Wow!

Jeri said...

Congratulations, Heidi!

Jeri said...

Congratulations, Heidi! I'm sure your projects are fabulous!