Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Club Hostess Gifts

So for each of my club members, each time around I make them a "hostess" gift. I used to make it each month for each hostess. Well due to lack of time in my life :0 they weren't always "equal" in thought or effort. So I decided I was going to do them all at the same time. That way everyone got one at the same time with the same effort. Here is what I came up with this time around! The are organizers of a sort. Made from the play date file folders. Above is a picture of three of them...sorry it isn't the greatest picture. I sort of forgot to take one and had to ask a few of the club members to barrow it for a minute.
Here is Sandy's up close. I put there initial in the center of the flower with just perfect alphabet.

And here is the inside. A small notebook, two pockets, post-its and a small envelope. The ribbon that ties it shut also is used to hold the pencil or pen in the center.


Maureen said...

These are adorable - nice job Heidi!

Noblekatt said...

I love these, so cute! I would love more info on how to make them!!!
Jenn Post