Saturday, August 28, 2010

Birthday Party invites!

So my 4 year old and I had a bit of a different opinion on what exactly the theme of her birthday party was. I was going for the whole Mardi Gras theme...while all she heard was Princess and the Frog. :) I am all about the theme!
We met somewhere in the middle...princess and the frog cake, balloons, paper goods and goodies with Gumbo, beads, alligator goodie boxes and frog invites!
So I had a plan to come up with a fast quick invite I could send out, since this life of mine has been a bit busy! So here is what I came up with...ok it was NOT quick and when you are making 20 of these little guys it was NOT easy either! BUT I think she was worth the work!~
Here are a bunch of them lined up! I sent them in CD envelopes, takes a bit of extra postage, but I thought it would be cute to see this through the window~

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