Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th Everyone!!!!
Wowo what a day..well more like what a week. I think I am going on like 10 hours sleep in the last 5 days. Work has been crazy! But when you have your own business and it is a tough economy I know I shouldn't complain! :)
So I'm not!
But, blogging has taken a bit to the back burner.
Then I had this great(crazy) idea that I would invite a bunch of people over today and have a BBQ!!!! (Which was a great time) So at 10:00pm when I sat with a horrible headache, I decided to take something for it. Well Excedrin has caffeine, and so here I sit blogging after midnight with no sleep in slight! But at least I found time to blog!

So here is the other half of the projects we made at club last Monday! Hope you like them!!!

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