Friday, June 25, 2010

Father's Day Pictures and Stamping

Last weekend for Father's Day we had the family over to BBQ. There was tons of good food, and the kids seem to really enjoy our new mini pool! And here they are again swinging.

Here is my little Zavian hanging out in his swing. I can't believe he will be three months tomorrow! Here is his (there)proud daddy.

My dad with 4 of the 6 grand kids

My dad with the other two kids and me and my sister

And then for some stamping...

Here are some pictures of the gift card holder and card I made Aaron for father's day. He loves basketball. Normally I would think saying someone loves a sport is a bit much, but with Aaron I am not sure if it even fully captures how he feels about the sport. I would never want to ask -me or basketball....I would be afraid the answer wouldn't go in my favor! LOL Here is the gift card holder that had a Jamba Juice card in it. He also got a set of basketball DVD's he has been wanting.

The card I made with it is a shaker card! I got this idea from Maria one of my sidelines! Here is the link to her blog . I have to say I like her card much better. I was in a bit of a hurry to get this done on Father's Day morning and it is missing those extra little touches! Thanks for stopping by!

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