Thursday, April 15, 2010

Digital cards

I have always been a fan of those digital cards that you can purchase just about anywhere these days, I used to get mine of the girls all the time at picture people. Now it is great to be able to make my own! Here is a picture I turned into a digital card. It is all the three and my sisters three on Easter. It is a tradition to put the baby ( or in this case babies) in the basket for the pictures...we now have all six kids pictures.
The next card I made was Zavian's birth announcements. I figured with three kids now the chances of actually hand making twenty cards within the next week was not going to happen. So I went digital, and I am very happy I did! Hope you enjoy these cards!


Julie Wiliams said...

Very Cute Heidi!

Matt and Meagan said...

So cute! Love the babies in the basket. What a cute Easter (or any time) idea! You are so stinking creative. Love it!